Thit Kho – Vietnamese Caramelized Pork + Eggs (no coconut)

Thit Kho is one of my favorite homestyle Vietnamese dishes, relatively simple to make and packed with flavor. Pork and eggs are braised for hours in a sweet and savory soy/fish sauce marinade. It’s rich, fatty, salty and umami, too intense on it’s own, thit kho should be eaten with rice and vegetables to balance the intense flavors. It traditionally includes coconut soda as a sweetener but since I have a mild coconut allergy, I have created my own coconut-free recipe. It’s just as tasty and since coconut soda is rather flavorless, I doubt anyone would notice the difference. Enjoy!

-pork belly 
-onion (minced)
-garlic (minced)
-fish sauce
-soy sauce
-black pepper
-white pepper
-cooking oil
-hard boiled eggs (peeled)
-scallions (chopped)
  1. Cut pork into bite-size chunks.
  2. Mix fish sauce, soy sauce and water in a 1:1 ratio. Add lots of sugar, onion, garlic, black and white pepper. Mix with pork and marinate for 1-2 hours.
  3. In a large pot, heat some oil on medium. Add pork and marinade, bring to a simmer and braise on low, stirring every few minutes.
  4. After ~1 hour, taste the marinade. It should be flavorful, sweet and salty but not overpowering since it still will reduce more. Adjust the balance to your taste by adding soy sauce, fish sauce, sugar and/or water.
  5. Add the eggs and braise for ~another hour, stirring regularly until everything is nicely brown, the sauce is reduced and the pork is tender.
  6. Add scallions and serve over rice.

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