Easy Taco Dinner

This is a simple, fast and deliciously balanced taco dinner in 5 steps. It’s a great warm weather meal, easy to make for any number of hungry mouths.

  1. Grill/panfry some steak w/ salt and pepper (use chicken/fish/shrimp instead).
  2. Make a pico de gallo salsa with diced tomatoes, onions, jalapeños and cilantro, and/or mix chopped cilantro & onion.
  3. Slice avocado, lime and steak.
  4. Heat up corn tortillas (on the grill or stovetop).
  5. Make a taco, eat, repeat.
Ingredients (in order of use):
-1 steak
~1.5 cups diced fresh tomatoes
~2 cup diced onion
~1 cups cilantro, chopped
~1 jalapeno pepper, diced
-1 avocado
-1 lime, cut in wedges
-Corn tortillas
-Optional: grill other fresh vegetables for a even healthier meal (ie. bell peppers, onions, green tomatoes, etc)

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